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Uganda Be Kidding Me Live (2014)

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A culmination of Chelsea Handler's stand-up comedy tour in support of her fourth New York Times #1 Bestseller, Uganda Be Kidding Me.

The Door 4 (2014)

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Mercy (2014)

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A single mom and her two boys help take care of their grandmother with mystical powers.

A Hard Day (2014)

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Detective Go Geon-soo is having a hard day, and the following events happen to him in less than 24 hours: He receives a divorce notice from his wife. His mother passes away. He and his coworkers are investigated by police inspectors over alleged embezzlement. Then on his way to his mother's funeral, he drives recklessly and commits a fatal hit and run. He tries to cover-up the accident by hiding the man's corpse in his deceased mother's coffin. But someone has been watching all along, and Geon-soo gets a mysterious call from a person claiming that he was the sole witness to the crime, who now begins to threaten him.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks (2014)

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Music rules and rainbows rock as Twilight Sparkle and pals complete for the top spot in the Canterlot High "Mane Event" talent show. The girls must rock their way to the top, and outshine rival Adagio Dazzle and her band The Dazzlings, to restore harmony back to Canterlot High.

Summer of Blood (2014)

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Erik Sparrow is one of the lucky ones. He's got a good job. He's in a stable relationship. He lives in one of the greatest cities in the world. Does he deserve it? Probably not. He's not too bright. He's not very attractive. He's not at all ambitious. He's chubby and he's always complaining. And when his girlfriend Jody proposes to him, he doesn't even have the good sense to accept her offer. He'll never find a woman like this again. Instead, Erik bumbles his way around the issue, offering one excuse after another for not getting married. When Jody dumps him and starts seeing an old flame from college, Erik tries to win her back. When he fails, he attempts to date other women, but the results are disastrous. Erik's starts falling apart. His job grows more unfulfilling. He becomes obsessed with a kinky co-worker who has no interest in him. He becomes riddled with despair. One night, Erik meets an enigmatic stranger named Gavin who asks him, "Do you want to die?" Erik shrugs and says, "I do." Then everything goes pitch black. When Erik wakes up from the darkness, he finds himself changed forever. He's stronger, more confident and free to do whatever he wants. Dating is a synch. He's a lothario, a sexual dynamo; able to seduce any women he wants without even trying. He quits his job. Finally, he's free and unshackled with not a care in the world. Except for one little thing, the excruciating stomach pains. There's only one remedy for that... BLOOD!

Housebound (2014)

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Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. Her punishment is made all the more unbearable by the fact she has to live there with her mother Miriam - a well-intentioned blabbermouth who's convinced that the house is haunted. Kylie dismisses Miriam's superstitions as nothing more than a distraction from a life occupied by boiled vegetables & small-town gossip. However, when she too becomes privy to unsettling whispers & strange bumps in the night, she begins to wonder whether she's inherited her overactive imagination, or if the house is in fact possessed by a hostile spirit who's less than happy about the new living arrangement.

Altergeist (2014)

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King's Ransom Winery is one of the most haunted places in America, with a long history of bizarre suicides. Six ghost hunters have been given the rare opportunity to conduct a paranormal investigation. What they discover terrifies them.

Default (2014)

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A news crew is taken hostage on an airplane set to take off from the Seychelles.

10,000 Days (2014)

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Darkest Night (2012)

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"Darkest Night" has its roots in horror styles and moods from many eastern and western traditions. Filmed in a "found video and documentary" style, "Darkest Night" depicts a family holiday reunion at an isolated home in the Sagada Mountains. The family's celebration is shattered by bizarre, supernatural and tragic terrors no one can explain. This film is a psychological horror story with intense family drama, suspense, action and shock.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie (2014)

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When Moore Street market-trader Agnes Brown finds her livelihood under threat from a ruthless developer, she and her family embark on a campaign to save her stall, aided as only the Browns will be by a motley troop of blind trainee Ninjas, an alcoholic solicitor, and a barrister with Tourettes Syndrome.

Our Sons (1991)

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A young man (Donald) is dying of AIDS. His lover (James) asks his mother (Audrey) to go to Fayetteville, Arkansas and tell Donald's mother, who has been estranged from her son for years.

Kopps (2003)

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Police officer Benny is obsessed with American police cliches and livens up his own boring everyday life with dreams of duels with bad guys. But poor Benny and his colleagues doesn't have much to do in the small town of Högboträsk. Most of their days are spent drinking coffee, eating sausage waffles and chasing down stray cows. Peace and quiet is the dream of every politician, but for the Swedish authorities, the lack of crooks is reason to close the local police station. When the cops investigate a suspected act of vandalism, they realise that they themselves may be able to raise the crime statistics high enough to stay in business.

Scorned (2010)

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BETH, hitchhiking cross country on a lonely highway, is offered a much needed ride from SAM . Along the way Sam begins spinning an eerie tale of MIDNIGHT MARY and THE HITCHHIKER. The contempt of Midnight Mary's life being cut short still haunts the isolated roadway. However, Sam wants to add a new twist to the urban legend - the death of Beth.

Benim Dünyam (2013)

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At 2 Ela lost her ability of seeing and hearing because of a severe illness. And then she became a total disappointment of her family due to her untamed behaviors. But everything changed after an unorthodox teacher stepped into their lives to educate Ela while healing himself.

Love on the Run (1979)

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Antoine Doinel is now more than thirty. He divorces from Christine. He is a proofreader, and is in love with Sabine, a record seller. Colette, his teenager love, is now a lawyer. She buys Antoine's first published autobiographical novel. They meet again in a station...

A Little Piece of Sunshine (1990)

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Sunshine, an idyllic and almost forgotten island under British rule, is shortly to become independent. But a few days before this event is to take place, the British governor of the island is shot. Her Majesty's secret service is called in and Sam McCready asks Desmond Hannah of Scotland Yard to take charge of the case. When Hannah arrives on Sunshine, he notices the subdued atmosphere of fear reigning there. An aggressive presidential election campaign is being conducted, but neither of the two candidates appears to be very trustworthy. The attractive widow Lady Beatrix Coltrane tells Hannah that most of the island's inhabitants are not looking forward to independence because they fear that either of the two candidates for the presidency will abuse the island for his own benefit. One of them, Tomson, is probably involved in illegal drug-peddling in connection with the Colombian Medellin cartel; the other one, Livingstone, is said to be collaborating with the Cuban government. Lady Beatrix' representations are confirmed by Reverend Drake, the island's priest, whom Hannah also discovers to be a strict opponent of independence. Ernie Favaro, a policeman from Miami, arrives on Sunshine. He is investigating the murder of one of his colleagues by members of the Medellin cartel. A hot trail has brought him to the island. The two cases could be connected, and Hannah and Favaro agree to collaborate. But as they have no official permission to carry on their investigations, they are in constant danger of being arrested by the local chief constable, himself suspected of corrupt behaviour. Shortly after the two policemen called on Tomson, one of the candidates for the presidency, somebody tries to kill them. But they are able to intercept and arrest the gunner. To their surprise, he is none other than Reverend Drake. He claims to have missed the target on purpose, intending to draw the attention of the international press to the precarious political situation on the island. After the arrest of Reverend Drake, the chief constable at last has a pretext for apprehending Hannah and Favaro for illegal possession of firearms. But suddenly, to everybody's surprise, Sam McCready arrives on the scene and identifies himself as the interim governor of the island. He takes charge of the case himself. Lady Beatrix makes certain insinuations which lead Hannah to conjecture that she is the perpetrator of the governor's death. Her motive, like Drake's, appears to have been to draw inter-national attention to Sunshine. But Hannah has no proof for his theory. Meanwhile, Ernie Favaro believes to have found a hot scent in the case of his murdered colleague. When he had called on candidate Tomson, he had noticed a valuable edition of Milton's "Paradise Lost". This is the book his murdered collegue had mentioned in connection with the Medellin cartel. Favaro is able to convince governor Sam McCready that Tomson's house must be searched. But the governor prefers the elegant British solution and pays an official first visit to Tomson. This gives Favaro the opportunity to pocket the book. In it, he finds a microfilm with incriminatory data such as the names, bank accounts, business partners, funds etc. of the Medellin cartel. Tomson is shot when he tries to leave Sunshine. The presidential election is postponed until further notice. Sam McCready, who has already become used to the comforts of a diplomat's life, drinks to Lady Beatrix health on her veranda. He is quite willing to let sleeping dogs lie where the death of his predecessor is concerned, and to ask the widow no further questions...

La gente che sta bene (2014)

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The Expedition (2008)

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The Expedition is a unique film based on the true events that occurred on October 31st 2004, in Saratoga County. Five Canadian filmmakers set out on a supernatural expedition to film a documentary on a T.B asylum that closed in 1975. Unfortunately one of the crew members went missing. After an extensive search of the premises and surrounding area, authorities ruled out foul play.

Father of Four (2014)

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Ismael (2013)

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Ismael Tchou (8 years old), takes a train towards Barcelona. He has run away from home because he wants to find Felix, his father, whom he never knew. His only clue is an address of an apartment in Barcelona, written in the return address of a letter to his mother. Once there, he manages to find the apartment, but instead of finding his father, he finds an elegant woman in her fifties, Nora, who happens to be Felix's mother. Felix never said anything to Nora of the existence of that child. But once she locates him, he does not deny his paternity. Nora, after notice to the child's mother, Alika, decides to take him to meet Felix. They begin a journey to La Costa Brava, where Felix lives. Meanwhile, Alika and Luis, her husband, travel to the coast in search of the boy. This will make all the characters try to settle their accounts with the past.

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales (2013)

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An Australian tourist discovers the silent legacy of wartime atrocities when she arrives in a seemingly idyllic little town on the border of Bosnia and Serbia.

Victim (1961)

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A plea for reform of England's anti-sodomy statutes, this film pits Melville Farr, a married lawyer, against a blackmailer who has photos of Farr and a young gay man (who is being blackmailed and later commits suicide)in Farr's car. After the suicide, Farr tracks down other gay men being extorted for money by the same blackmailer. The well-educated police Detective Inspector Harris considers the sodomy law nothing more than an aid to blackmailers, and helps Farr in calling his blackmailer's bluff. The movie, far ahead of its time, ends with Farr and his wife coming to terms with his homosexuality after the public exposure he faces in the blackmailer's trial.

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