Meatballs III: Summer Job (1986)

Meatballs III- Summer Job

Release Date: 15 May 1987

Director: George Mendeluk

Writer: Harold Ramis, Janis Allen

Cast: Sally Kellerman, Patrick Dempsey, Al Waxman, Isabelle Mejias

Duration: 1 h 36 min

IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 (1,750 Votes)

IMDB ID: tt0093516 (Subtitles)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars 6.00/10 (1 votes)
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Rated: R

Meatballs III: Summer Job (1986) Plot:

A dead porno movie star returns from the beyond to help a nerdy teen to score with the beautiful wife of the owner of the camp he is spending the summer working at. Wow.


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