Roper and Goodie Download Movies

Cast: Dan Beene, Brett Brock, Mark Collie, Allison R. Hart

Director: Terry Moloney

Writer: Jenny Wingfield

Genre: N/A

Release on: N/A

Duration: N/A

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (69 Votes)

Plot: A broken down ex-rodeo cowboy, Roper, is down on his luck. He has three weeks to pay three months rent when he reads about the couple of the year in the newspaper, and decides to kidnap the wife, Goodwina for ransom. Goodie is the sweetest country girl ever, and she married a country boy, only to have him change into a city politician who is sleeping with his assistant. He mocks her for her country ways. After Roper kidnaps Goodie, They initially hate each other (understandably so), but when Roper calls in for a ransom and her husband tells him that he doesn’t want her back, the two have to figure out what to do next, and they fall in love. Goodie finds that she is more comfortable and happy in the country, and she helps Roper find his self esteem. In the end, they run off together, ruining her husband’s plans to run for Senate, and taking half of their money, since it was in her name.


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