Six Black Horses Download Movies

Cast: Audie Murphy, Dan Duryea, Joan O’Brien, George Wallace

Director: Harry Keller

Writer: Burt Kennedy

Genre: Drama, Romance, Western

Release on: 01 Jun 1962

Duration: 80 min

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (231 Votes)

Plot: Audie and Dan Duryea are hired by a mysterious woman to take her across Indian country to her husband. On the way, she tries to seduce Audie by offering to give him Duryea’s share of the money if he will help her achieve her real goal: kill Duryea for having killed her husband. Audie dreams of getting enough money to buy a ranch of his own, but his loyalty to his friend prevails. In the end, however, Murphy is forced to kill Duryea in a shootout when Duryea draws on him in a greedy attempt to finish the job even though continuing will likely get all three of them killed. After the shootout Duryea gets his final wish: a funeral carriage pulled by – you guessed it – six black horses.


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