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Stolen Paradise

Cast: Leon Janney, Eleanor Hunt, Esther Muir, Wilma Francis

Director: Louis J. Gasnier

Writer: Robert Spafford (screenplay), Arthur Hoerl (screenplay), Lawrence Meade (story)

Genre: Drama

Released on: 01 Dec 1940

Duration: 79 min

IMDB Rating: 3.3/10 (12 Votes)

Plot: Robert Gordon (Leon Janney), a sheltered 18-year-old youth reared in a Catholic school, believes he has a vocation for the priesthood. He is taken to live with his father in his palatial Florida home. There he falls in love with his step-sister, Patricia Morrow (Eleanor Hunt), ten years his senior. He runs away and joins the R.A.F. Shot down in battle, he is rescued and taken to a monastery where he renounces the world to study for the priesthood.


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